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You will receive an email with an easy set of instructions to turn on the service.

Your voicemails will still be accessible, and your information will remain confidential and secure.

Rest assured, PhoneTag uses a patent pending proprietary algorithm that guarantees your voicemails are kept SECURE and PRIVATE.

1. Phones

SimulSays is available for the following phones:

Blackberry Curve AT&T

Blackberry 8800 AT&T

Blackberry 8800 T-Mobile

Blackberry Pearl AT&T

Blackberry Pearl T-Mobile

Windows Mobile Smartphone

2. Transcription and Plan
Plan Number of Messages Plan Price
(without transcription)
Unlimited $4.99 per month*
*SimulSays is free with any PhoneTag automated transcription service

Plan: If you choose to have your messages transcribed, please choose one of the plans below.

Each Plan includes a 7 day Free trial!

Plan Number of Messages Plan Price
TagForty 40 $9.95*
TagUnlimited Unlimited $29.95
TagPerMessage N/A $.35 per message
*40 Messages included. $0.25 for each additional message.
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4. Select your time zone
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6. Contact Information

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